CGI Developer IV Tier Coverage Policy

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CryptoGuard Insurance: Developer IV Policy

1. Introduction: Welcome to the CryptoGuard Developer IV Insurance Policy, the epitome of A Few Bad Newbies LLC's commitment to safeguarding your digital assets through individual wallet address insurance. This exhaustive policy document is meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive coverage, transparent terms, and detailed procedures, ensuring both the security of your assets and the utmost confidence for our valued policyholders.

2. Policy Details:

2.1 Coverage: CryptoGuard Developer IV introduces an unparalleled level of protection for individual wallet addresses, providing 95% of your contributed funds through your subscription-based insurance policy for a monthly premium of $8,000. This coverage comprehensively addresses risks such as liquidity removal, stolen NFTs, and wallet drainage, offering an unmatched shield for your digital wealth.

2.1.2 Percentage Back: Policyholders under the Developer IV tier receive 95% of the total money they’ve invested up to the point of a successful claim or early withdrawal before penalty, regardless of the amount that has accumulated. The remaining 5% will be delegated in the following manner:
•	70% to the Insurance Pool
•	15% to AFBN Revenue Sharing NFT Pool
•	10% to CGI Payroll & Taxes Pool
•	5% to Creator Royalty Pool

2.1.3 Discount: Encouraging annual commitment, CGI Developer IV offers a 20% discount on the overall cost. The difference between the total cost and premium saved will be reimbursed as a deposit to the wallet address listed for insurance upon checkout in a timely manner.

2.2 Deductible: In the event of a claim or early withdrawal, a fixed deductible of $2,500 applies, streamlining the claims process for a seamless experience.

2.3 Exclusions: Loss of wallet access and platform issues both remain ineligible for insurance claims under CryptoGuard Developer IV, ensuring clarity in the claims process.

2.4 Minimum Payment Requirement: To initiate a claim, a minimum commitment of 2 consecutive months of paid subscriptions (by cycle, 60 days) is required, fostering ongoing participation and commitment within the CryptoGuard community.

3. Non-Payment Policy: Continuous and timely premium payments are crucial for uninterrupted coverage. Failure to make the monthly payment will result in the immediate hold of the insurance policy, underlining the importance of consistent coverage.

4. Claims Process:

4.1 Submit Claim: Use our user-friendly app to log in, provide essential details, and seamlessly submit your claim.

4.2 Documentation: Upload relevant documentation supporting your claim for a thorough and efficient assessment.

4.3 Assessment: Our team conducts a comprehensive review, considering provided evidence and policy terms. This approach ensures fairness in the claims assessment process once the deductible is paid.

4.4 Approval/Denial: Transparent communication is maintained throughout the process, with prompt notifications of claim approval or denial. CGI Support Agents prioritize finding the truth and ensuring a safe platform experience for all. All verdicts are final.

4.5 Burden of Proof: Verifiable proof, including ownership documentation, transaction details, and evidence of legitimate rug occurrences, is essential.

5. Verification Methods: Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain analysis and digital signatures, we ensure secure and trustworthy proof of ownership.

6. Deductible Payment: The fixed $2,500 deductible must be paid through various methods, including PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, CashApp, Bitcoin Receive Address, or Multichain MetaMask Wallet Address. In the event of a Denied or Rejected claim, the deductible is non-refundable.

7. Timeliness of Claim:

7.1 Blockchain Timestamp Requirement: Reported incidents must have occurred within the last week of when the claim is filed, as determined by the blockchain timestamp, ensuring prompt filing and assessment.

7.2 Membership Duration: The coverage period under CryptoGuard Developer IV extends for 30 days from the date of purchase. To be eligible to make a claim or request early withdrawal, the policyholder must have been a paid member for a minimum of 2 consecutive cycles, which is 60 days.

7.3 Claim Frequency: Policyholders are entitled to make one claim every 6 months, promoting responsible utilization of coverage.

8. Membership Renewal:

8.1 Renewal Process: To maintain eligibility for claims, renew membership by making the monthly subscription payment before the end-subscription date. Making a payment on a policy labeled as “on hold” will renew the subscription, but two full consecutive cycles must elapse before eligibility of claim or early withdrawal functionality becomes applicable.

8.2 Consequences of Non-Renewal: Failure to renew before the end-subscription date results in an immediate policy hold. In such cases, there is a 2-month consecutive membership cycle requirement implemented once reinstated, and the policyholder cannot make any claims or early withdrawal until the reinstated duration is completed.

9. Cash-Out-Early Function: An early withdrawal function is available, incurring a 25% penalty fee for removing the claim amount without making a legitimate claim. Completion of this process removes your status as a policyholder, and a new subscription must be obtained for coverage.

10. Cancellation and Reactivation: If payment lapses for 1 month, the policy is put on hold, rendering the policyholder ineligible for claims or early withdrawal. If payment is made before 6 months since non-payment, the policy is reinstated, and the 2-cycle wait window begins again. If no payment is made after 6 months, the money is considered abandoned and becomes property of CryptoGuard Insurance.
10.1 Allocation: Abandoned funds are allocated as follows:
•	70% to the Insurance Pool
•	15% to AFBN Revenue Sharing NFT Pool
•	10% to CGI Payroll & Taxes Pool
•	5% to Creator Royalty Pool

11. Liability Disclaimer:

11.1 Legal Compliance: Ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Policyholders acknowledge their responsibility for compliance with local laws regarding the insurance of digital assets.

12. Funding Limitations:

12.1 Insufficient Funds: In the event that the insurance pool lacks the necessary funds to fulfill a claim, the payout will be disbursed over 12 months or longer, depending on the financial capabilities of the business. This commitment ensures that policyholders will receive their entitled funds, even if the payout is extended over a more extended period.

13. Policy Amendments:

13.1 Periodic Reviews and Updates: This CryptoGuard Developer IV Insurance Policy is subject to periodic reviews and updates. Modifications will be communicated through the official channels of A Few Bad Newbies LLC.

Your understanding and compliance with the outlined terms are crucial for the success of CryptoGuard Developer IV Insurance. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in digital asset protection.